Please join us for our GRAND OPENING Party on
Sunday, December 11th from 1-4pm

complimentary mini sessions / food and drink / giveaways / discount codes for attendees

We offer acupuncture, functional medicine,
therapeutic massage, and facial rejuvenation services

Client Reviews

” Eliza listened and responded to my needs, as well as what my body wanted. Great hands, adaptable pressure according to my body’s response. 100% present, Clear communication, and caring spirit.”


” Gabi Curbelo is very caring and professional about her work. She has a strong desire and passion to fully understand her clients and help them as much as possible. Amazing experience!”


”  I’ve been seeing Jules for fertility, which is one of her specialties. She is an expert in both Western and Eastern fertility issues and treatments, and has helped me navigate the world of IUI and IVF. She is a critical part of my support team during this difficult journey.”


Raven & Wren Wellness

2831 Seventh St. Berkeley, CA 94710



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