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” My OB referred me to Jules when I had acute sciatica pain early in my pregnancy, and I have been seeing her for the last seven months…. My husband now also sees her for his back pain. She has become an integral part of our household’s healthcare team.”


” Dr. Jules is incredibly knowledgeable. I was so impressed with how much she knew about a variety of subjects. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during our sessions. She also has a gentle touch when it comes to acupuncture, it’s very therapeutic.”


”  I’ve been seeing Jules for fertility, which is one of her specialties. She is an expert in both Western and Eastern fertility issues and treatments, and has helped me navigate the world of IUI and IVF. She is a critical part of my support team during this difficult journey.”


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Feel free to contact me for a brief consultation – email is best – I look forward to hearing from you.

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