Dr. Jules Bogdanski, DAOM L.Ac. (she/her)

Dr. Jules Bogdanski received her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, and completed her Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland. 

Jules is also a certified functional medicine practitioner, completing her training with Dr. Aviva Romm, MD, through the New Medicine Institute for Women. 

Jules has extensive training in reproductive health and fertility. In addition to offering treatment for infertility, Jules is fluent in IUI and IVF protocols. She is passionate in supporting all individuals in their conception journeys, including queer families and single parents by choice. 

Jules is passionate about empowered aging, and offers unique treatments combining holistic skincare with acupuncture. She also offers collagen induction therapy through microneedling. She is also a Marie Veronique skincare partner.

Outside of the clinic, Jules enjoys running for physical and mental health, and hanging out with her two kiddos, Raven and Wren. 

Rebecca Thieneman, MS RDN (she/her)

Practicing for over a decade, Rebecca is an integrative registered dietitian, herbalist, and mind-body educator providing comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle recommendations rooted in both modern research and traditional healing methods to support health and well-being.

Rebecca helps people recover from stress, and address relative imbalances of the gut, hormones, and nervous system. Engaging principles of intuitive eating, her support provides a safe space for people to repattern their relationship with food and body.

Inspired by the rhythms of nature, Rebecca is passionate about seasonal living, and cultivating a felt sense of connection through cyclical food and lifestyle rituals. Her guidance draws on deep training in functional nutrition, medicinal plants, and mind-body medicine to help people feel holistically supported on their journey.

Rebecca has a special love for building community, and regularly hosts workshops, and sound healings, at Raven & Wren Wellness.

Salix & Eliza Lorraine, CMT (She/her/They/Them)

Eliza practices massage with a “listening touch,” holding space for the body to unwind by tapping into its innate healing ability. She shows up to her bodywork practice with a strong, grounded presence. 

Eliza assists clients with releasing chronic holding patterns, sleep difficulties, acute injuries, and has a special love for working with prenatal and postnatal clients. She is trained in acupressure, tui na, craniosacral, swedish techniques, and cupping.

Eliza has a background in women’s health, herbal medicine, and meditation. She is passionate about self-care, and strives to develop lasting relationships with those who are invested in their own long term health and looking to foster more complete awareness within themselves.

Eliza is a Bay Area native who feels a deep connection with the oak covered hillsides, bay breezes, and secret canyons. She enjoys practicing Qi Gong, gardening, tasting good wine, and making diorama art.

Her best friend is her border collie, Salix – a real sweetheart, he is usually not far behind Eliza, and is eager to offer his healing presence  during massage sessions (if you’re okay with it). 

Clémence Schomberg, CMT (She/Her)

Clémence practices deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. Her bodywork often expresses itself as a blend of all of these techniques. Clémence is also trained in sports massage and has advanced training in prenatal massage.

Clémence’s style is intuitive, compassionate, and intentional. Her pressure ranges from medium to deep, but is entirely determined by what her client wants and what their body needs.  She enjoys doing firm bodywork while focusing on making sure her client feels safe and relaxed. The flow of the session will depend on the feedback she receives either verbally or through subtle movement of the body.

Clémence has always been attracted to the healing art of massage, and moved on from a career in event planning and project management in the education and non-profit sectors. Today she feels fulfilled providing pain and stress relief, and helping others develop a better relationship with their bodies.

Outside of the clinic, Clémence enjoys making arts and crafts, cycling, going to concerts, adventuring near and far, and spending time w her dog.