Insurance Billing
for Acupuncturists

On-Demand Webinar

Approved by the CA Acupuncture Board for 4 CEUs (Category II)

Approved by the NCCAOM for 4 PDAs (Category PE-CW)

This webinar is ideal for: 

  • Insurance billing beginners
  • Those who have some billing experience, but feel they have gaps in knowledge
  • Those who would like to transition away from using a billing service
  • A great training for administrative staff

The goal of this workshop is to provide you with the education and tools you will need to start accepting health insurance as payment in your clinical practice. 

Not sure if you want to accept insurance?  Diversifying your income by accepting insurance is not “all or nothing” – this course will help you make an informed decision about how invested you wish to be in accepting insurance as part of your business model.  

Topics covered include: 

  • Understanding different types of insurance plans: HMO, PPO, MedPay, Medicare, HRA, HSA, and FSA
  • How to “go in-network” with insurance companies
  • How to establish yourself as an out-of-network provider
  • Performing an insurance verification for new potential patients
  • Defining and billing CPT and E&M codes (includes case study examples)
  • Establishing a proper fee schedule (“time of service discounted rates” and “regular rates”)
  • Understanding Deductibles, Billed Amounts, and Allowed Amounts
  • Formatting and coding Superbills
  • How to bill towards a patient’s deductible (includes case study examples)
  • Understanding and completing CMS-1500 claim forms (includes box-by-box instructions)

Your on-demand webinar enrollment includes access to the webinar video modules, and a 50-page downloadable PDF guide covering all webinar video topics, as well as BONUS sections on: 

  • Superbills vs. Direct Billing: How to Choose a Billing Option?
  • Charting Practices
  • Office Form Examples
  • Explanation of Benefit (EOB) Examples

On-demand webinar enrollment is $127

Still unsure if this course is for you?

The Course Introduction and the First Module, may be viewed for FREE.

Accompanying course materials may also be downloaded for FREE


Does this on-demand webinar include CEU/PDA credits...?

This course is  approved by both the CA Acupuncture Board and NCCAOM for 4 CEU/PDA credits.

When will you be teaching your next live workshop?

The next LIVE webinar is on Sunday August 25th, 2024, from 9am to 4pm (PST). Credits for CEU/PDA’s are available.

I understand some students will have lingering questions, or would like further guidance on certain topics – for this reason, I am dedicated to keeping the cost of the workshop reasonable, and offering 30 and 60 minute one-on-one consulting appointments, as my schedule allows. Fees do apply. 

You may schedule a consulting appointment by emailing me: