Client Testimonials

Meet Jordan

I’ve been a regular client for fertility acupuncture, cupping, and prenatal massage since 2020. Jules especially played a key role in two successful frozen embryo transfers and also got us through a loss.
I love everything about coming to Raven & Wren Wellness. It’s a soothing and relaxing environment. Every session is restorative and essential for my healthcare. A recent experience that stands out is acupuncture the morning before our frozen embryo transfer for our second baby. Jules was willing to come in very early in the morning so we could have sessions before and after. She treated my husband to a session to take care of him that morning too. She made space for us to feel all our feelings and express them. She put us in a very relaxing and uplifting mood when usually we might have been anxious or stressed. I ended up crying tears of joy at the end of the morning session before going to the procedure feeling full of gratitude and that Jules was part of our journey for years. She’s become a friend and confidant and we would not be a grounded healthy family if it weren’t for her care!
Jules and all staff are kind, supportive, attentive, encouraging, and responsive. Jules is holistic in her approach - she gets to know me as a whole person and incorporates that in whatever we do.