Our Founding Story

Your Nest to be nurtured

Raven & Wren Wellness was founded in 2013 in Oakland, CA by acupuncturist Dr. Jules Bogdanski after struggling through her own journey in health and wellness, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and graceful aging.

Trained in both East Asian acupuncture and functional medicine, and fueled by her deep personal experience, she built her practice around the goal to balance, soothe and support her patients at any stage of life. Her nurturing presence surrounds the Raven & Wren Wellness Center which is named after her two children. 

As the acupuncture practice grew, Jules wanted to offer more support and empowerment for her patients.

In 2022, Raven & Wren Wellness moved to a warm, nurturing space in Berkeley, CA, creating a new home large enough to host a holistic wellness center with complimentary services like acupuncture, therapeutic massage, holistic skin care, functional medicine & nutrition support, facial rejuvenation, sound baths, and wellness programs. Her vision is to offer a community sanctuary where we soothe and balance the mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission: Providing Balanced, Holistic Care for Mind, Body, & Spirit

We attract, support, and train the most talented practitioners in the Bay Area. 

At Raven & Wren Wellness, we nurture and empower each individual’s unique health journey through a combination of integrated East Asian medicine and Western functional medicine. 

Find balance and wellness at any age or phase of life with acupuncture, nutrition, therapeutic massage, yoga, sound baths, community wellness programs, and holistic skincare services.